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At ESPC, we believe that every human being is imbued with a God-given potential to achieve greatness that the mind has enormous power to influence human destinies. Ultimately we are ardent believers in Dr. Napolean Hill's saying "whatever the mind conceives and believes, it can achieve."

Our books and magazine- as our authors- are dedicated towards helping the individual tap into their entrepreneurial potentials so as to unleash their entrepreneurial spirits necessary in achieving success in their chosen field. We also seek to positively talk to the human mind and direct it towards the path of great achievements in life.



ESPC Ltd is committed to helping people achieve their full potentials in life by providing them access to knowledge that can be practically applied, in order to achieve success in life.

Our tailored publications are geared towards awakening the spirit of enterprise in the minds of discerning readers, with the aim of helping them take their respective destinies in their own hands.

Most titles in our stable are internationally acclaimed bestsellers that contain teachings proven to have immensely influenced some of the world's greatest achievers.


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